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The Tapestry

Described as "Queen meets Pavarotti," The Tapestry is a six piece band that plays a singular, unapologetic, high-octane fusion of the best of opera and rock - AKA #operock


“Connecting Beyoncé to Beethoven”

In a climate where woefully underfunded fine arts education is the norm, The Tapestry presents an outreach performance that CONNECTS with their young audiences by highlighting the many similarities between classical music and popular music, specifically featuring current top 40 hits popular with the youth RIGHT NOW.

By not only discussing, but then demonstrating these similarities - performing everything from Beyoncé to Beethoven - we encourage our young audience by showing them WHY they love the music they know, and HOW to fall in love with music they don’t.

Your students will leave with the takeaway that classical music is for THEM TOO, and that by CONNECTING with a diverse array of music, they can better CONNECT with the diverse world around them.

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Remove the veil!

A 2-hour #operock concert

From Puccini to Pink Floyd, Metallica to Mozart, Verdi to Van Halen, REMOVE THE VEIL! showcases professional opera singers backed by a full-throttle rock band obliterating the divide between classical and popular music right before your very eyes and ears. This two-hour concert of spectacle and sound, charged with The Tapestry's singular, unapologetic, high-octane fusion of the best of opera and rock! has been described as "Queen meets Pavarotti," and it’s what we call #operock.